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Dress Code

All Rick Erwin Dining Group restaurants have a BUSINESS CASUAL Dinner Dress Code Policy in order to maintain an enjoyable environment for ALL guests. We thank you in advance for following these guidelines which will be enforced at our restaurants.

  • Please remove hats when entering the restaurant. Guests wearing hats will be asked to remove them at the hostess area.

  • Gym and/or beach wear is not allowed, including running/ gym shorts, tank tops, sports bras, or hooded sweatshirts.

  • No exposed undergarments or excessively baggy and oversized clothing. Clothing should not exhibit offensive language or graphics.

  • Appropriate business casual footwear is required.

Rick Erwin Dining Group’s management reserves the right to update the Dinner Dress Code Policy at any time, make discretionary exceptions as appropriate, and refuse service to patrons who we deem are not appropriately dressed.

Phone: 864.546.3537

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