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225 W Main St 10th Floor, Spartanburg, SC 29306 | 864.531.8825

Rick Erwin's

Level 10

At Rick Erwin Dining Group, we believe that dining is an experience, and we’re committed to making every moment at Level Ten unforgettable. Whether you’re enjoying a drink on our outdoor terrace or indulging in a meal in our stylish dining room, we invite you to join us at Rick Erwin’s Level Ten and experience the very best of Spartanburg’s culinary scene.

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Rick Erwin's Level Ten Executive Chef

Meet the Chef

Ryan Smutzki - Executive Chef, Rick Erwin’s Level 10

Meet Ryan Smutzki, the accomplished Executive Chef at Rick Erwin’s Level Ten, the exclusive rooftop steakhouse that stands as a unique gem within the esteemed dining portfolio. Ryan’s culinary journey began at the young age of 13 in New Boston, Michigan, where his passion for cooking ignited.

At 20, Ryan ventured to Florida, starting his professional culinary career at Angelo Elias in Coral Springs. Beginning as a line cook, he swiftly ascended the ranks, earning a promotion to sous chef within a year. His culinary prowess then led him to Admirals Cove in Jupiter, Florida, a prestigious top 22 platinum club. Over a decade, Ryan showcased his skills, initially as a broiler chef for the fine dining restaurant and eventually becoming the head chef at Golf Village, a bistro steakhouse.

Upon relocating to Greenville, South Carolina, Ryan joined the culinary team at Rick Erwin’s and swiftly rose through the ranks. Starting as the Executive Sous Chef, he showcased his leadership and culinary talent. Shortly after, Ryan was promoted to the role of Executive Chef at Rick Erwin’s Nantucket.

Following the temporary closure of Rick Erwin’s Nantucket Seafood, Ryan Smutzki embraced a new challenge as he relocated to Level Ten – Steakhouse in Spartanburg. As the Executive Chef of the only rooftop steakhouse in the Rick Erwin Dining Group, Ryan continues to bring his wealth of experience and innovative culinary flair to create an unparalleled dining experience high above the city.

Ryan Smutzki’s journey is a testament to his dedication, culinary skill, and ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of fine dining. As the Executive Chef at Level Ten, he elevates the dining experience, showcasing his passion for culinary excellence and innovation.

Rick Erwin's Level 10

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225 W Main St 10th Floor, Spartanburg, SC 29306


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Monday – Saturday: 4 pm – 10 pm
Sunday: Closed

Private Dining at Rick Erwin's Level 10


The Board Room at Level 10

The newest addition to Spartanburg, South Carolina, Level 10 boasts a private patio that allows you and your guests a view for miles as the sun sets right in front of you. Perfect for a business event or reception, this area is unparalleled in atmosphere. 

  • Up To 24 Guests
  • No Room Rental Fee
  • Food & Beverage Minimum: Mon – Thurs: $1,500; Fri – Sat: $2,000
  • Holiday Minimum 11/14 – 12/31: Mon-Thurs: $2,000; Fri & Sat: $2,500
  • Audio / Visual Rental Available
Rick Erwin's Level Ten General Manager

Meet the Manager

Madeline Mayer - Manager, Rick Erwin’s Level 10

Meet Madeline Mayer, the exceptional General Manager of Rick Erwin’s Level Ten, Spartanburg’s Premier Steakhouse. Madeline’s journey into the hospitality industry is as diverse and vibrant as the experiences she crafts for her guests.

Originally a flight attendant for four years, Madeline brings a unique perspective to her role, having served in the dynamic world of aviation. As the oldest of five siblings, family holds a special place in her heart, and she prioritizes spending quality time with her loved ones.

Beyond the fast-paced skies, Madeline’s love for literature shines through as she devours approximately a book a day. Her passion for storytelling extends to her desire to one day publish a book of her own. Alongside her literary pursuits, Madeline is an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying activities such as hiking, paddleboarding, and kayaking.

With years of experience in the hospitality industry, Madeline has honed her skills in meeting new people and creating memorable experiences. The rewarding aspect of her role goes beyond the day-to-day operations; she finds fulfillment in leading people. Madeline has always been drawn to leadership opportunities where she can make a genuine difference in the lives of those she works with.

As the General Manager of Rick Erwin’s Level Ten, Madeline Mayer brings a blend of passion, leadership, and a love for creating unforgettable moments. Her commitment to exceptional service and her ability to connect with both her team and guests make her an integral part of the dining experience at Spartanburg’s Premier Steakhouse.

Awards & Accomplishments

Rick Erwin’s is proud of the longstanding recognition we have received over the years. Rick Erwin’s has been an Open Table Diners’ Choice award winner since 2011. We have also received the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence every year since 2006.

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